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How to Prevent Dehydration with Electrolytes

How to Prevent Dehydration with Electrolytes

Athletes and active individuals need to drink more than just water.

With sweaty summer training, your body’s best friend is sodium.

Here in South Carolina, it’s a typical hot and humid summer, and any activity outdoors can take it out of you…sodium that is!

Many of my clients are telling me how they’re not feeling well while training lately, and suffering from nausea, muscle cramps, and feeling unwell the next day. These are telltale symptoms of you guessed it… dehydration. “But I’m drinking lots of water!” they say.

Here’s the thing; when you’re training in the combination of high heat and high humidity, staying properly hydrated requires the 1-2 punch of drinking:

Excessive sweating leads to the loss of sodium. Just drinking water alone will actually help flush that out of your system, so ironically drinking just plain water is not doing your body any favors, because electrolytes are necessary for water to get into your cells.

What to do? Fancy electrolyte supplements can be expensive and nothing more than flavored salt, so I’ve got an easy solution you can start implementing today.

Watch this video for my recommendations of how to UP your electrolytes with salt, and how much salt you need and how often when you’re training when it is very hot and humid.

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