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How to Get Clients to Say, Yes w/Dr. Alan Weinstein

How to Get Clients to Say, Yes w/Dr. Alan Weinstein

Get Clients: Summary

Today’s episode focuses on how to get clients to say, yes, with effective marketing strategies for health coaching businesses. Dr. Alan Weinstein is our guest speaker that begins with a brief overview of the need to understand the business side of a health coaching venture to successfully attract and retain clients. The main points emphasized are:

Understanding the Client: The need to understand the needs, aspirations, and fears of potential clients. This means learning to understand the emotional appeal and the main factors which influence decision making. 

Making the Invisible Visible: Dr. Weinstein emphasizes the importance of lab results in communicating health issues and progress to clients. This helps in making the ‘invisible’ health issues ‘visible.’ Visualization of issues can enhance trust and inspire commitment in clients.

The Real Competition: Dr. Weinstein highlights that real competition is not other practitioners but the status quo and indecision. He explains that most people naturally tend to resist change (status quo) and avoid making definite decisions (indecision).

Navigating Fear: It is necessary to navigate the fear of clients properly. Do not use fear as a tactic, but understand and address their fear. This can lead to fruitful discussions and encourage decision-making.

Effective Communication: Reinforced throughout the podcast is the importance of communicating empathetically, understanding the individual’s needs, and demonstrating how you can cater to those needs.

People are emotional beings. So, we need to effectively market health coaching services with that in mind. We do that by understanding and catering effectively to these emotional triggers. It’s important to make the invisible visible. For instance, using lab results to demonstrate health issues, and to stop trying to appeal only to the rational side of the brain.

Get Clients: Topics

  •  Dr. Alan’s Background and Expertise
  • The Role of Lab Testing in Health Coaching
  • The Importance of Making the Invisible Visible
  • Understanding Your Real Competition in Health Coaching
  •  Understanding the Fear of Messing Up (FOMU)
  • The Role of Decision Makers in Health Coaching
  •  Understanding the Emotional and Rational Brain in Decision Making
  • Understanding Your Client’s Needs
  • The Importance of Visuals in Communication (Lab Results)
  • The Importance of First and Last Impressions
  •  Successful Marketing Campaigns and the Six S’s
  •  The Role of Emotion in Decision Making
  •  The Importance of Listening to Your Clients
  •  The Role of Rational Documentation in Decision Making

About Dr. Alan Weinstein

Alan S. Weinstein, D.C. ran a state of the art, waiting list multidisciplinary, multi-physician practice for over twenty five years, combining neurology, radiology, exercise rehabilitation, biochemistry, Chinese medicine, acupuncture and chiropractic. He had so many referrals that he had to refer them to other physicians in his area as he was unable to keep up with the demand for the Wellness care he created. 

Dr. Alan was one of the first physicians to achieve three separate certifications in exercise rehabilitation in the United States.  He served on the Quality Assurance Committee of the American Chiropractic Association, where he formulated the Rehabilitation Guidelines from which all other chiropractic physicians had to adhere. Dr. Weinstein completed the ACA Neurology Diplomat program and was honored as valedictorian of his class.  He has achieved certifications in ADHD and Learning Disabilities, Vertigo, Applied Kinesiology, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, Detoxification, Metabolic Typing and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition.

His leadership and entrepreneurial spirit paved the way in the managed care arena, where he was a founder and board member of the Managed Care Network.  He was the first chiropractor ever selected to serve as a panel physician for Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Capitol Care.  Also, he was chosen as a panel physician for Prudential (Prucare) Insurance, Giant Food Stores, Travelers Insurance, A.I.I.A. / P.P.O., Health Care, Focus, and CorVel.   Additionally, he served as an Independent Medical Examiner for Hartford Insurance, Kemper Insurance, and Mediq Claims Review.  He was also accepted as a Life Member in the National Registry of Who’s Who in recognition of exemplary service, both to the community and to the profession and served on the board of the International College of Applied Kinesiology.


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