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How to Create Food Lists with ARFID

How to Create Food Lists with ARFID

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September 28, 2023

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October 17, 2023

One of the first things I will work on with many of my clients is creating a food list!

What is a food list?

  • List of safe, tolerated foods/beverages put into categories based on preference, time to make, nutrition composition, or where food may be consumed etc.
  • How the list is organized may vary depending on individual need.

Why create a food list?

May help with..

  • Decision making
  • Reminders of potential food options
  • List to give to caregivers/providers who may be supporting you around food.
  • Selecting new foods to explore (If wanting to expand foods)

What to think about when creating food lists?

  • Foods you are eating now
  • Time or spoons to make foods
  • Safety/preference of the food you at this time
  • Foods you have consumed in the past
  • Your current nutrition goals ( i.e eating enough, eating consistently, nutrients, food variety)

Food list can and will change!

  • As you know food preferences can change!
  • This list may be ever evolving but hopefully a useful resource for yourself, caregivers and providers to help support you!


Below is an example of a food list I use with clients. You can print this out and fill it in, or use as a guide to create your own list on paper, on your computer, or in your notes folder on your phone. You can also update an add categories to fit your needs. Here are some additional category examples that have come up with clients..

  • Adding a category for foods that you prepare ahead
  • Sorting foods into categories based on where you find them in the grocery store ( i.e produce, dairy, meat, dry goods, frozen section, snack etc)


Food List

Download printable food list


Need support with creating food lists or meal planning for your ARFID? Join our Adult ARFID community to learn with others with ARFID or get support 1-1 and book a virtual nutrition coaching session with Lauren!