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Here’s Why Sacramento Families Turn to ABA Therapy Time and Time Again

Here’s Why Sacramento Families Turn to ABA Therapy Time and Time Again
Here’s Why Sacramento Families Turn to ABA Therapy Time and Time Again

Applied Behavior Analysis is a leading autism family therapy. Sacramento and Northern California families rely on ABA therapy sessions to support their loved ones who have been diagnosed with autism. Finding out a family member is on the autism spectrum is a challenge for many families across America. In Northern California, families are fortunate to have many different options for support. For nearly 60 years, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been the system that many families trust for autism therapy. Sacramento families keep turning to ABA to help their child or other loved one who has autism.

One of the reasons ABA therapies are tried and true for many families all around the globe is that they are inclusive. Families may find that the person in their life who has autism may benefit greatly from having their whole family or support system involved in the therapy process. Conversely, the family unit or support system also might find that they themselves benefit from autism family therapy. ABA therapy can be a two-way street, it is designed to benefit the individual, but it can also help families to understand their loved ones better.

How Can a Family Benefit from ABA Therapy for Autism?

When it comes to autism, the goal of family therapy should be to help work through challenges that arise as a family unit. In individual ABA therapy environments, a therapist is usually tasked with addressing interfering behaviors in private, one-on-one sessions. In autism family therapy, the therapist’s focus might be on how those behaviors affect the individual as well as other members of the family or support unit.

Progress can be made when family members sit down and address recent events and behaviors with a licensed therapist. That means the behavior of the person or people with autism but also the behavior of the family towards the person. And you can even extrapolate out further; all interpersonal behavior between every family member could be examined regardless of if they have autism or not. With autism family therapy, Sacramento and Northern California families can address interpersonal dynamics, making it a perfect place to live if your family might need therapy.

There are three main ways an ABA therapist could interact with your family. Some therapists want to speak to each person in your family one-on-one. The theory behind that is to address the interfering behaviors associated with the person with autism and how they affect each family member. Then, the therapist can develop a program with the family to address these behaviors. Other ABA therapists want to start autism therapy in a group for real-time responses between family members. This method is great for families that already have a healthy dynamic. Like most things in California, being open to a compromise is important, the third way, some might call a hybrid theory, is a combination of the first two. Whichever you choose, it’s clear that the autism therapy Sacramento offers makes a big difference in how family members communicate and work together, especially when one or more members have autism.