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HELP! I Have a House Full of Gamers

HELP! I Have a House Full of Gamers

There’s a reason my house goes from 0 to 100 on the volume level when kids return from school. The first activity that happens right after requests for snacks is Roblox- a game all 4 typically play on their iPads with the same friends they were just at school for 7 hours with. Go figure!

While this wasn’t right after school, this guy’s fandom for the Lions has grown to Madden on his iPad. “Hey Mom, guess my 4 favorite teams!” Your guess is as good as mine…

Look, I used to rush home from school to watch General Hospital and MTV Total Request Live, so I’ll take the videos games. Besides, video games are fun, stimulating, and they make us feel like we’re good at something when we win. Just like baseball and basketball is to some, video games are to others. And with the way the weather has been this winter, I fully support a little extra tablet time. I’ve never been one that enjoys them, but considering other 4 people in my house do, I decided it’s time to do some learning about what they play- and like!

Not only am I learning more about my kids when it comes to their video game preferences, I’m learning about their friends too. Win win!

In today’s digital age, video games have become a big part of many children’s lives. As parents, it’s essential to find ways to connect with our kids, even in the virtual world. Engaging with them while they play video games not only strengthens the parent-child bond but also provides an opportunity to understand their interests and foster meaningful conversations.

I’m all about connection- whether that’s with my kids, parents, family, and friends. I’ve felt a little out of the loop when it comes to gaming in my house [or anyone’s house for that matter] so yeah, I need some help connecting with my kids when it comes to their video games!

This time last year. Have iPads will travel! And game.

I spent some time talking to other parents about gaming at home, and here are a few interesting takeaways that I felt were worth sharing:

Create a Gaming Space:
Designate a specific area in your home as a gaming space. Set up comfortable seating, gaming equipment, and decorations related to their favorite games. This space can become a designated area for gaming sessions and can encourage your child to invite their friends over for multiplayer experiences. By creating a welcoming environment, you facilitate open communication and shared experiences.

Ask about the Game:
Start by showing genuine interest in the game your child is playing. Ask them questions about the storyline, characters, or gameplay mechanics. Encourage them to explain and describe what they are doing in the game. This demonstrates that you value their interests and creates a platform for discussion.

Team Up:
Consider playing video games together as a team or participating in multiplayer modes. This not only allows you to spend quality time with your child but also fosters teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Embrace the opportunity to collaborate and strategize together, creating a shared experience and strengthening your bond.

Participate in Game-related Activities:
Explore activities related to the game your child enjoys. This can include reading books or comics based on the game’s storyline, watching movies or animated series inspired by the game, or even engaging in creative projects like drawing fan art. These activities provide opportunities for engagement beyond the digital realm and can spark interesting discussions.

Educate Yourself:
Take the time to educate yourself about video games. Familiarize yourself with the games your child plays, their ratings, and the gaming culture in general. This allows you to have more informed conversations and understand the positive aspects of gaming, such as problem-solving, creativity, and teamwork.

Of course, there’s a balance here between screen time and making your home a gamers paradise. For now, let’s keep this a space where we learn from one another about what’s working @ home when it comes to kids and devices! 

PS. Look at these little gamers….