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Gregg Wallace lost impressive 5 stone by ditching three foods – ‘without dieting’

Gregg Wallace lost impressive 5 stone by ditching three foods – ‘without dieting’

Gregg Wallace decided to lose weight and started by changing his daily habits and making healthy food choices. The star claimed he lost nearly five stone “without dieting”.

The star simply ditched snacks, ultra-processed foods and takeaways, and started cooking healthy meals at home every day. Gregg didn’t follow a strict meal plan but he just opted for a healthy, varied and balanced diet.

He documented his transformation on his lifestyle website, GreggWallace.Health, which now offers weekly meal plans and hundreds of nutritionist-approved recipes for those who want to lose weight.

The presenter explained that no foods are banned while following his plan, but snacking is not recommended.

His website states: “This is not a strict diet, strict diets are hard to maintain. This is about swapping bad habits for good ones at your own pace.”

A slimmer who lost four stone in just three months following Gregg’s plan shared his experience. Mike said: “GreggWallace.Health teaches you about food. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change.

“Understanding food, what’s good and what’s not and learning how to balance it is the key to success. Remember, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet! It has taught me to understand food and nutrition. It’s taught me self-control and discipline but most of all, it’s taught me how to be me again.”

Snacking is not recommended while trying to lose weight as it can lead to “unwanted weight gain if portions or frequency of snacking is too much, adding excess calories,” Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health explained.

Nutritionists shared advice on the Everydayhealth saying: “One of the keys to healthy snacking is snacking for the right reason. If you reach for a healthy snack because you are hungry and your next meal isn’t for a couple of hours, that’s perfect.

“Unfortunately, many of us (myself included) occasionally find ourselves snacking because we’re bored, stressed, or angry. It’s easy to consume a meal’s worth of calories during this type of snack attack.

“Next time you go to snack, take a minute to assess your hunger level and how you’re feeling emotionally. If you’re truly hungry, go ahead and grab a healthy snack and enjoy! But if you’re reaching for an unhealthy snack because of an emotional reason, look for another way to process those feelings.”