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Getting A Campaign: Tip Sheet

Getting A Campaign: Tip Sheet

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Interested in being part of a paid influencer campaign with the Social Health Network? We’re looking for patient leaders like you to represent your community in upcoming social media campaigns.

Here are some tips on being chosen for an opportunity:

Bonus points

  • Create an account on SocialHealthNetwork.com
  • Complete challenges related to your condition on the platform
  • Sign up for email notifications so you don’t miss any opportunities
  • Join our Patient Leader Facebook Group

True or false?

  • I have to have a ton of followers to be chosen for a campaign with Health Union (FALSE!)
  • I have to be a professional advocate who does speeches, or owns a non-profit or works regularly with pharmaceutical brands to be chosen for a campaign with Health Union (FALSE!)
  • Health Union only ever has campaigns with conditions like Lupus or Psoriatic Arthritis (FALSE!)
  • Health Union pays influencers to be a part of their campaigns (TRUE!)
  • You can’t work with any other healthcare organizations or companies while in a Health Union Campaign (FALSE! – many of our campaigns are non-exclusive.)

Here are some campaign examples to look at:

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