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Friday Fuel Roundup • Kath Eats

Friday Fuel Roundup • Kath Eats

Here’s this week’s life recap!

I’m pushing for a weekly lifestyle post which means getting back into the habit of photographing all the things so that I have something to say and share when I sit down to write out my weekly thoughts. I have schedule and unscheduled my weekly newsletter twice to add in spontaneous posts, but living more in the moment feels good right now.

I said goodbye to a few inches of hair! I’m liking the shorter length with the season change.

We also had Cramer Photo come do some photo magic on our house this week. I can’t wait to share all the pics in a bunch of different blog posts!!

I love this one of me and T:


We prepared for the photos by hanging as much art as we could before the Tuesday shoot. When I was by myself, I used my camera timer to hold up a picture to see if the positioning was right. Pretty genius if I do say so myself! Haha. You can also see that the headboard stain has faired quite well. It’s barely noticeable, thank goodness. 

The Claw

A blog reader recommend these picture hangers, and they are fantastic! They come in a bunch of different weights/sizes. I just bought more for our bedroom after I used the 3-pack I bought.

They can only go on drywall, so downstairs we had to drill. These Command hangers get an D- from me. They did not work at all!

More New Things I’m Loving

Pumpkin Pie Larabars

My favorite Larabar flavor, by far! Larabar sent me a sampler of these plus the Gingerbread. I always eat dates before soccer, and since Larabars are date based, it made for the perfect pre-soccer snack for our first game. 

New Daily Harvest Flatbread

There’s a new Daily Harvest Pear + Arugula flavor in the house and it’s BY FAR my favorite!!! Pecans, pears, arugula and sweet potato-based crust – very fall themed. I added mozzarella on top. These are so great to keep in the freezer for days when you want something warm and hearty that is made with real food. 

We also re-stocked smoothies at the same time. Acai and cherry is forever my favorite. 

Also forever my favorite: Lampo Pizza

Thomas and I went on a date night last Saturday and got all of our favorites: the olives, the kale salad, the former-Hellboy-that-has-been-renamed pizza. And of course some amazing red wine. 

And when we didn’t want the night to end but did not need any more alcohol, we got decaf coffees and people watched! #oldfolks 

Birch wearing Mazen’s Frankenstein blazer helping me get ready!

The OG Frankenstein! 

Foodblog (1 of 4)

He also tried on his 12-18 month snow suit that I start to give away….and it still fits haha! I have the next size up of snow bib ready to go for him, but he loves this suit so much. WTG Patagonia for making something that fits from birth to age 5! 

MORE Pizza

The theme of the week was pizza because we made homemade pizzas for dinner too! A weekly staple now that we’re home with our pizza stone again. 

And pizza at King Family Vineyards for trivia night with some girlfriends. What is more delicious than pizza and red wine!?

Training Sesh

Also on the home front, Thomas gave Birch a hammer lesson while finishing the side decking. 

Social Hour

Sometimes I eat cheese for dinner <3 

If you are in Seattle, look for this! My VA Hillary gave it to me at the Beautycounter event and it was such a hit on the St. Angel brie. 

Athletic Greens

And if I eat cheese for dinner, I have extra greens for breakfast : ) I’m giving Athletic Greens AG1 a test drive in an effort to feel my absolute best. Remember the early days of blogging when we would chug green gritty sludge? This is NOT that! This tastes really good. And is a mix of antioxidants, adaptogens, phytonutrients, probiotics, and more.

Do I think you need this for good nutrition? Absolutely not (eat real food!) However, on those days when you don’t have optimal real food (like travel days!) or when your fridge is empty or if you turned 40 and are looking for energy in all the ways, I think this is a great product to add in. 

Loved it in our peanut butter + banana breakfast smoothie! 


Get what’s back!? Baseball! 

Fall ball has started, so we’re back to having picnic dinners on the hill in the shade. It’s much more casual in the fall compared to the spring, but it felt so familiar to be back. 

Have a great weekend!

We are heading somewhere breezy!