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Expert advice for glowing skin- Zara Martin discovers her Skin Personality!

Expert advice for glowing skin- Zara Martin discovers her Skin Personality!

As part of our Skin Personality campaign, the lovely Zara Martin visited aesthetics expert Dr Bibi Ghalaie , Founder and Medical Director of the Dr Bibi Clinic for a skin consultation! Zara, model and DJ, has been a fan for some time and has been using Altrient products for about 4 years!

“When I don’t use it, I see a massive difference in my skin!” – Zara

Zara’s Skin Consultation with Dr Bibi

Zara regularly takes Altrient Liposomal Vitamin C and has just recently started taking the Vitamin B and Mineral Complex on the recommendation of Dr Bibi. Zara mentions how she has noticed a huge difference in not only her skin but also in her hair and nails too! 

Dr Bibi discusses that having had dry skin in the past and suffering from eczema, Vitamin C is a great skin supplement as it supports collagen and elastin production- the pillars to healthy, supple skin! These proteins are also critical for hydration, thus contributing to a radiant, glowing complexion. 

Altrient Vitamin B and Mineral Complex contains vitamin B2, niacin, biotin & zinc, which contribute to the maintenance of normal skin. And biotin, selenium and zinc are important for hair and nails too.

Expert Advice for Glowing Results

The approach of combining supplements to deliver a tailored liposomal nutrition protocol to individual skin needs is a philosophy that Dr Bibi has adopted at her skin clinic (Dr Bibi’s favourite pairing is Altrient C and Glutathione!). When assessing a client’s skin concerns, Dr Bibi will recommend a liposomal nutrition protocol (alongside topical and clinical treatments) to help achieve each client’s skin health goals as well as supporting other areas such as the immune system and energy. 

Dr Bibi recommends Zara to introduce Altrient Liposomal Glutathione into her routine, as not only will it support the immune system through supporting the liver and kidneys, it will also help her achieve flawless, hydrated skin. The Altrient Skin Personalities have been developed by experts to provide deeply nourishing liposomal nutrition tailored to 5 Skin Personalities:

  1. Quench

  2. Flawless

  3. Cherish

  4. Fierce

  5. Closure

The Skin Personalities test is a fantastic online tool to help you better understand your skin type and concerns, and will match you to one of the 5 Personalities mentioned above, where you will receive a nutrition protocol, lifestyle tips and 2 key Altrient liposomal supplements. 

Want to find out more? Discover your Altrient Skin Personality:


Altrient Skin Personality No. 2 | Flawless 

The Flawless Skin Personality is a protective protocol designer for fair, sensitive and mature skin that requires more sun shielding. Counterbalance the activity responsible for skin damage and age spots with a naturally protective nutrition skin protocol. Support your Flawless skin personality with two nutrients your skin just can’t get enough of – vitamin C and glutathione.

Altrient Flawless Skin Personality

Vitamin C has cellular defence credentials to readily neutralise free radicals. A flawless skin tone is championed by a strong collagen matrix and liposomal vitamin C is key for collagen production and protection. Vitamin C is used by dermatologists to help reduce skin pigmentation and ageing by helping your skin produce more collagen1

Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant which plays a key role in protecting skin cells from the harmful impact of free radical damage. As you grow older your body is less able to make sufficient glutathione. Research shows glutathione may help slow the progression of wrinkles by influencing skin elasticity, in sun-exposed and sun-protected skin2.

Taking a daily dose of liposomal vitamin C and glutathione helps top up your skin with valuable antioxidant nutrients needed to naturally defend and protect your skin. Here are some extra nutrition and lifestyle tips to support your Flawless skin personality.

· Sun Exposure– Wear a daily 50+ SPF, avoid peak sun hours, wear sun protective clothing and a sun hat

· Glutathione Focus– Include fish, meat, spinach, avocado, asparagus, broccoli, green leafy vegetables in your diet3.

· Vitamin C Focus– Include citrus fruit, purple and red berries, green leafy vegetables and parsley in your diet

· Reduce Alcohol– By drinking less alcohol, you have a better chance of maintaining good glutathione levels4

· Exercise Combo– Combining cardio and weights maintains increases glutathione better than separate sessions5.

· Sleep Well– Studies link poor sleep to low levels of glutathione6 so start a new relaxing bedtime routine.

If you already know your Skin Personality you can shop the bundles here!


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