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Embry Health holding massive warehouse supply sale

Embry Health holding massive warehouse supply sale

At one point in time in the Valley, you could see cars lined up at Embry Health locations as people tried to get COVID-19 tests.

However, that’s not the reality anymore. Embry Health is making its change as it holds an “Everything Must Go” warehouse sale off 83rd Avenue and Van Buren Street.

They’re selling everything like desks, chairs, T-shirts, scrubs, jackets, pens, refrigerators, generators, and more. The warehouse is filled with a surplus of supplies.

JoEllen Embry says it all needs to go before midnight Sunday. At the beginning of the pandemic, gloves and masks were in short supply.

Fast forward to December 2021, Embry says they were doing up to 45,000 tests a day across the country.

Today, there are only four remaining Embry Health sites in Arizona. During the pandemic, there were 300 across the country.

“It’s been a real roller coaster,” Embry said. “Just trying to keep up and unfortunately, because of everything and on that roller coaster, we’ve ended up with a warehouse full of supplies.”

Now having to lay off employees, Embry admits the financial stress affects her. The focus now, hoping other people or businesses can grab a deal.

“When you see how grateful people are, it kind of makes all of this not hurt so much,” Embry said.