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East Texas Food Bank to open Texarkana Resource Center | News

East Texas Food Bank to open Texarkana Resource Center | News

TEXARKANA, Texas – East Texas Food Bank is planning to open a new resource center in Texarkana this spring.

The Texarkana Resource Center will be a one stop shop for clients to not only pick up healthy foods and fresh produce, but they’ll also take able to take advantage of other resources. The non-profit’s leaders introduced themselves to the neighborhood Monday by handing out about 360 food boxes in the parking lot of the future resource center.

After receiving a food box, the client was entered into the system. That way when the center opens this Spring, the clients will be ready to start shopping.

The resource center will allow people to pick out items they want, rather than a box filled with groceries they may not use.

According to a recent study by Feeding America, nearly 16% of Bowie County residents, including 25% of children, are food insecure and at risk of being hungry.

“After we get everybody in the system, they have badges, so we can get them in and out quickly. Everyone gets a personal shopper. We’re going to make sure everyone feels welcome,” said Shan Parks, Texarkana Resource Center branch manager.

“When they come to this facility, they’ll also get another service while they’re here. One that might be special health resources. They might be able to get a health screening. They might be able to visit with legal aid. There’s lots of different community resources,” said Tabitha Johnson, Longview Resource Center branch manager.

The center will be open five days a week. It estimates the Texarkana Resource Center will serve 840,000 meals a year.

East Texas food bank is based out of Tyler. It has a total of four resource centers.

For more information about the new Texarkana Resource Center, go to txkrcpantry.org.