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Dr. Wiss Podcast Appearances Fall 2022

Dr. Wiss Podcast Appearances Fall 2022

Being interviewed on podcasts is my favorite, particularly when I get to chat with like-minded colleagues and friends.

On this episode of the Got Mental Health Podcast, we discuss how nutrition and mindfulness can rewire your brain. We discuss the concept of food addiction and how it is a growing problem along with increasing rates of trauma and social adversity, increasing rates of tech addiction, impulsivity, and mindlessness. I offer suggestions for how to eat mindfully including cooking more meals at home.

On this episode of the What You’re Craving Podcast, we discuss diet culture, the over-emphasis on weight in society, and how to reconcile differences between the intuitive eating and food addiction constructs. Molly Carmel and I have a blast on this one. I share openly about my coffee addiction and how I used my wife’s breastmilk to improve my eczema symptoms. Some of the best clips can be found on the Wise Mind Nutrition Instagram page.

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