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Detroit plan seeks $227M from state for mental health care expansion

Detroit plan seeks 7M from state for mental health care expansion

The Detroit Wayne Integrated Health Network announced on Wednesday a $227 million plan to expand mental health treatment in metro Detroit, a plan the organization is hoping the state will fund.

The plan is backed by the city of Detroit and Wayne County. It seeks to alleviate the heavy burden experienced by hospitals and the shortage of psychiatric beds in the state by adding hundreds of new beds and building a crisis care center, specialized residential housing and integrated residential housing.

By expanding mental health resources in metro Detroit, the plan also hopes it will deter those in need from the criminal justice system. It includes building off partnerships with law enforcement and trainings in crisis intervention.

Eric Doeh, the president and CEO of DWIHN, described the plan as both “monumental” and “essential.”

Detroit plan seeks 7M from state for mental health care expansion

“It’s a tremendous ask, but it’s a tremendous need,” Doeh said at a Wednesday news conference.

“Creating more opportunities for our region’s most vulnerable persons by including step-down approaches to long-term care, expanded residential services, and the ability to offer behavioral health interventions for families are critical, and the time to act is now.”