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Data companies Atropos Health, Arcadia announce partnership

Data companies Atropos Health, Arcadia announce partnership

Data companies Atropos Health, Arcadia announce partnership

California-based real-world data platform Atropos Health announced that healthcare data analytics company Arcadia has joined its health portfolio, giving Arcadia’s provider customers and life sciences users access to Atropos’ offerings.

Atropos Health offers AI innovations, evidence generation, analytics augmentation and data evaluation to help physicians access real-world evidence to guide clinical decisions and research.

The company’s clinical informatics services, known as Green Button, provide publication-grade observational study reports based on a user’s clinical questions, and its offering Geneva OS is an operating system for rapid healthcare evidence across a vast network of real-world data. 

Boston-based Arcadia is a healthcare data platform that gives providers tools for network administration, managing payments, improving processes regarding visit access and referrals, and overseeing preauthorization. 

Through the partnership, Arcadia joins Atropos’ Evidence Network, giving its users access to Atropos’ portfolio of applications to support clinical decision-making in value-based care. 

Atropos’ life sciences users can also utilize Arcadia’s longitudinal research dataset to conduct real-world evidence studies. 

“A critical component of value-based care is the optimization of clinical decision-making where existing published evidence falls short,” Dr. Brigham Hyde, CEO and cofounder of Atropos Health, said in a statement. 

“This collaboration further enables healthcare providers to generate novel peer-reviewed evidence rapidly to make data-driven decisions on optimal clinical guidelines, care pathways and the best interventions to succeed in value-based care and other quality initiatives.”


In December, GuideHealth, an AI-enabled value-based care provider for health systems, announced it had acquired Arcadia’s value-based care services division and managed services organization.

The company also signed an agreement with Arcadia to utilize its data analytics platform to power the acquired offerings, which will work with its predictive and generative AI.

In April, Arcadia scored $125 million in funding three years after receiving a $29.5 million growth equity investment.  

Last year, Atropos Health raised $14 million in Series A funding.

The company announced numerous partnerships last year, including collaborating with Janssen Research & Development, a Johnson & Johnson company, to accelerate clinical development with real-world data analysis. 

Atropos also partnered with clinical analytics and patient chart summarization company KAID Health, data sharing technology startup Datavant and healthcare data company SEQSTER.