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Cut Out These ‘Healthy’ Foods If You Want To Lose Pounds: Nuts And Avocados

Cut Out These ‘Healthy’ Foods If You Want To Lose Pounds: Nuts And Avocados

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Navigating the realm of weight loss can be a perplexing journey, especially when seemingly healthy foods are brought into the equation. While many of these foods appear to be allies in our pursuit of shedding excess pounds, some may inadvertently contribute to weight gain. The intricate interplay of nutritional components and calorie content reveals that not all healthy options are equal when it comes to our weight management goals. As we explore the intriguing world of seemingly wholesome foods that can paradoxically hinder our progress, it becomes evident that making informed choices and, at times, judiciously cutting certain items from our diet can be essential steps towards achieving sustainable weight loss.

We spoke with Sheri Berger, RDN, to find out about the healthy foods that could lead to weight gain. Berger revealed that nuts and avocados are the two foods you should cut out as much as possible. Read on to learn more.


Nuts, renowned for their nutrient density and heart-healthy fats, can paradoxically lead to weight gain if consumed in excess. While nuts are packed with essential nutrients and can offer feelings of satiety, their high caloric content demands mindful portion control. Munching on nuts mindlessly or overindulging in them might inadvertently contribute to a surplus of calories, potentially thwarting weight loss efforts.

Berger says, “Nuts and nut butters are a great source of healthy fats, protein, and fiber, but if you are eating them mindlessly, you can easily consume over 800 calories in what was meant to be a small snack.”

The key lies in moderation – incorporating nuts into a balanced diet can offer valuable nutrients without impeding weight management goals.


Avocados, celebrated for their creamy texture and nutrient-rich profile, can be associated with weight gain if consumed excessively. Despite their numerous health benefits, including heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and fiber, avocados are calorie-dense. Overindulgence in avocados, especially when combined with other calorie-dense foods, can contribute to an imbalance in calorie intake and expenditure, potentially leading to weight gain.

“Avocados are a unique and nutritious fruit that is much higher in calories than most other fruits. It is good to know that a whole avocado has roughly triple the amount of calories than most other medium sized fruits,” Berger notes.

Incorporating avocados mindfully as part of a balanced diet can harness their nutritional advantages without compromising weight management goals.