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Crestwood health clinic uses new subscription plan instead of billing insurance companies | News

Crestwood health clinic uses new subscription plan instead of billing insurance companies | News

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — According to a recent study by the Mayo Clinic, more than 60 percent of doctors said they are burnt out. A Louisville clinic is trying a new health care model to ease doctor’s main source of frustration, the insurance companies.

At 502 Direct Primary Care in Crestwood, patients pay a flat rate per month no matter how many times they come to the doctor, rather than billing each visit through insurance. This method Dr. Ilana Kayrouz, doctor at 502 DPC, said allows them to treat patients the best way they can.

“I couldn’t give the best care to patients in the traditional based practice,” Dr. Kayrouz said.

Dr. Kayrouz worked at an insurance-based practice for a decade.

“I could find myself easily wanting to quit medicine all together,” Dr. Kayrouz said.

In the traditional model, Dr. Kayrouz said health care companies are paid based on how many patients they see a day. For Dr. Kayrouz, that meant seeing upwards of 40 patients on any given day.

“I felt like I couldn’t take care of patients well in 10 minutes,” Dr. Kayrouz said.

In addition to billing, Dr. Kayrouz is also frustrated by insurance companies dictating what medicine and testing is covered for her patients, and this frustration was felt by patients, too.

“I think its failing the patients,” Steve Estes, 502 DPC patient said.

Dr. Kayrouz started DPC more than 3 years ago, and it’s model allows patients to pay their physician directly and have a monthly subscription. The subscription includes everything that can be done in the office.

Subscription prices range based on patients ages, from $49 to $119 a month. A family subscription is $239 a month.

“We don’t bill insurance at all,” Dr. Kayrouz said.

This new health care model Kayrouz said allows for a closer, more direct relationship with patients.

“I can call that morning and get in the same day if I have to,” Estes said.

For people with chronic health issues like Estes, 502 DPC’s health care model is a game changer.

“We can discuss it over the phone instead of having to be seen,” Estes said.

Even though Estes is insured, DPC was also the right move for his bank account.

“No copays, so I mean I’m pretty much breaking even,” Estes said.

There are only a handful of Direct Primary Care offices in the Louisville area, but Dr. Kayrouz anticipates that number will grow as more physicians are faced with the same burn out she was.

“I can’t imagine practicing medicine in any other way,” Dr. Kayrouz said.

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