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Christmas Break 2022 Recap! • Kath Eats

Christmas Break 2022 Recap! • Kath Eats

Here’s our Christmas break 2022 recap – packed with holidaze! 

I missed you all!

I think that might be the record for the most days without blogging in over 15 years! I had the urge to “pop in with a handful of photos” several times, but I had to remind myself why I planned a break:

I am RESTED and ready to rock 2023!! 

I did work quite a bit on my new health program tentatively called Homecoming. I can’t wait to share more! (Be the first to hear more by getting on this list!) I also did some tasks around the Beautycounter Winter Sale (deals up to 65% off ending in 2 days!) 

Later this week I’m sharing my word of the year post and the giant non alcoholic wines/beers post too. 

I feel like sharing holiday content this week is so outdated, but if you are curious how we spent our 2.5 weeks off, here we gooooo! I have a ton (46 to be exact) of photos to share and will caption them for brevity : )

Break Week 1: All The Festivities

Ornament Opening

Gingerbread Man Decorating

Hot Cocoa and Books with Mazen’s class

Riding the Holly Jolly Trolley on the Downtown Mall!

UVA Bball with Thomas

Uncle John’s Homemade Fried Chicken

World Cup Watching

Thomas’s Famous Gimme Some Oven Molasses Cookies

Thomas has made these famous in our family. Best Christmas cookies ever!

Cousin Gifts + Games

ACAC Christmas Happy Hour + Bar Hop

Washing Dishes Whattttttt!?

Christmas 2022

We celebrated Christmas Eve over at Thomas’s parents’ house and had Christmas pizza and presents!

Nothing like a Donne appetizer spread!

There was also a mega Jenga game

Snacks for Santa

(and one hungry dog!) 

Santa Guard Dog

Birch opened this knight costume and said “I don’t like that.” And then he didn’t take it off all week! Silly kids. 

Mazen got an iPhone!!

He was THRILLED. The phone was actually free for us with a new line, so that was a big win. 

iPhone Rules

Lest you think it didn’t come with any rules, there were 2 pages in our official contract. You can see the contract to download as a Word Doc here (I found one online and edited it to suit us.) 

Christmas Dinner in Hillsborough

After the gifts were unwrapped, the house tidied, and the car packed, we drove down to Hillsborough for Christmas with the Youngers. 

Cousin Table! 

Note that all Birch had for dinner was a piece of cornbread and dessert. *eye roll*

The adults had ham, asparagus, sweet potatoes, fruit salad, and rolls.  

Ice Cream Pies for Dessert

Almost Bedtime

These guys did not want to sleep. Birch and Avery slept together in the bonus room and talked themselves to sleep. It was very cute! 

They also played hard for two days straight.

It was so cold they didn’t leave the house!

Indoor Activities

We played “indoor pool” in Grammie’s bath. 

Parents Afternoon Out

Mom and dad offered to babysit while we went to Durham for the afternoon / early dinner. We just had to be back for bedtime to get everyone to sleep. 

We went to a coffee shop first to warm up with conversation. 

Stop 2: Glass Jug Beer Lab

Then we went to a brewery for more conversation! 

Counting House

And finally we had a 5:00 dinner at Counting House! It was incredible. 

We enjoyed every minute of our short trip. Birch cried for his cousins and more Christmas when we got home. 

Other Break Highlights

My cousin Crystal and her fiance Dan came to visit!

They brought their two dogs, including a brand new puppy!

Who Birch loved after they got to know one another <3 

Bellair sandwiches platter for lunch

Dental Visits

On his third visit, Birch did not cry and climbed right up in the chair!

Visits with Friends <3 

Carpet Store Fun

And very little computer time for all

I hope you all had a restful break (especially if you had little ones at home) and are feeling well this January morning!