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Are Meal Delivery Kits Right For You?

Are Meal Delivery Kits Right For You?

Are you a busy person always on the go?  Or do you dread making dinner?  Maybe you want to try new types of cuisine but don’t know where to start. There are tons of reasons why meal delivery kits might be a good fit for you.  Across Canada, people are turning to meal kit delivery services to solve their mealtime dilemmas. Sometimes due to convenience or even necessity, these kits offer people an easy way to get delicious, freshly-prepared meals delivered to their doorstep. 

What are meal delivery kits?

Meal kit delivery services are a great way to enjoy delicious and nutritious meals with minimal effort quickly. These services come with everything you need to make a tasty, fresh meal in your own kitchen, including all necessary ingredients pre-measured and portioned out. Most services also provide easy-to-follow recipes and cooking instructions. Many meal kits include locally sourced ingredients as well as organic, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. With meal kit delivery, you can enjoy restaurant-quality food without breaking the bank or spending hours in the kitchen.

Benefits of Meal Delivery Kits


Meal delivery kits are a convenient way to cook delicious meals in your own kitchen. By subscribing, you can get fresh ingredients and exciting recipes delivered to your home every week. These meal kits make meal planning and grocery shopping a breeze. Meal kits eliminate the need to run to the store for forgotten ingredients or waste any food due to spoiled produce. The kits come with clear step-by-step instructions that remove any guesswork from cooking. With meal delivery kits, you can have a flavorful home-cooked meal on the table in no time!

Save Time and Money

Not only can meal delivery kits save time when it comes to shopping, but they can also save money. Buying pre-measured ingredients means you won’t be paying for excess food that would otherwise go to waste. Furthermore, since these services offer dozens of meals each week from various cuisines, you can explore new dishes that you may not otherwise try on your own. Plus, you can expand a person’s cooking repertoire without breaking the bank by buying expensive specialty items. All these fantastic benefits make meal delivery kits more cost-effective than ordering takeout or eating out daily.

Healthy Options

Finally, meal delivery kits are great for those looking for more nutritious options than traditional takeout. You can choose meals containing healthy ingredients like lean proteins and fresh veggies instead of fried foods or heavily processed items. Providing balanced meals with little effort makes it much easier to stick with healthier eating habits which can help improve overall health in the long run.

What meal delivery kit brands are available in Canada?

Chefs Plate, HelloFresh, and Goodfood are just a few popular kits you can find Canada-wide. However, each providence and/or city also has local meal delivery services. All of these offer tasty recipes which require minimal effort and just the right amount of ingredients so you can enjoy perfectly cooked meals every time! With so many meal kit options to choose from, you’ll be sure to satisfy all your cravings with ease.

Canada-Wide Meal Kits

Chefs Plate



Fresh Prep

Other Alternatives To Meal Kits Subscriptions 


Costco has a selection of meal kits that you can buy and assemble on busy weeknights.


Specialty online grocery stores, like Spud.ca has a variety of meal kits that you can purchase and get delivered to your home without a subscription.  

Which meal delivery service is most nutritious?

Meal delivery kits can be a convenient and healthy meal option. We look for three components when evaluating meal delivery kits for their nourishment. An adequate amount of grains/starches, protein, and vegetables that will keep you feeling full. That amount may change daily, so if the meal kit falls short, we suggest clients consider boosting it with ingredients from home. For example, a meal may have lots of veggies and protein, but there might not feel like enough pasta. In this case, extra pasta from home will help complete the meal nicely. Most meal delivery kits contain grains, proteins, and vegetables, which are all nutritionally beneficial!

Don’t know what meal kit to choose from?  Check out Meal Kit Comparison.  They have reviewed all the meal delivery services out there.    

Think of Meal kits as another form of self-care

If a meal delivery kit services helps you nourish yourself in a way that feels good for you, then don’t let any guilt hold you back. So often, we put our needs aside or feel bad about spending money on ourselves, yet it’s part of taking care of our well-being. If meal kit delivery helps in this regard, then go ahead and use it – no guilt attached. The same goes for other ‘luxury’ self-care services like having your home cleaned professionally, getting your hair done, or indulging in the occasional mani/pedi. From time to time, investing in yourself is more important than scrimping and saving.

What we’ve heard from our clients:

“I love it because there is little to no food waste compared to not planning appropriately at the grocery store and then having excess food go to waste. “

“I’ve tried to hard to meal plan, but always feel overwhelmed. Meal delivery kits have simplified how I feed my family.”

“The meals were great, but I didn’t like following the recipes. For this reason, I found meal delivery kits more work. I’ll stick to my 5 ingredients or less meals.”

Meal Kits Pros and Cons


  • Convenience – Meal kits are convenient for busy people
  • Most meal kit services have a variety of meat, vegetarian and vegan options that are well-balanced. 
  • Recipes are delicious. Plus, you can save the recipe cards and re-do the recipe by purchasing your own ingredients.
  • Ice packs are reported to keep the food cold and fresh. 


  • Price – Meal kits can be expensive compared to purchasing the recipe ingredients at the grocery store.
  • Some companies are hard to unsubscribe from. Make sure you have the instructions to cancel services before signing up. 
  • After a while, people report that the recipes start to feel repetitive.
  • Some of our clients report feeling guilty using these services because they know they could be shopping and cooking themselves. 

Advice We Give Out to Clients Regarding Meal Kits:

1. You have to do what works for you. Overall, these meal delivery kits provide nutritious, balanced meal options prepared from whole ingredients. So, if you can afford the cost of a meal kit subscription and they will help you feel good about what you are consuming, then they are an excellent mealtime solution for you.  

2. Don’t feel guilty about spending money on meal kits. Yes, you can make meals cheaper and for less money, but do you have the capacity to do so? Treat buying meal kits as a type of self-care. Think of a meal kit subscription as any other “luxury self-care” service like home cleaning, hairdressing, mani/pedicure, or even purchasing coffee. 

Feeding ourselves is a necessity that we often put on the back burner. If using a meal kit delivery service helps you feel better about what you put in your body, please don’t feel guilty about it… unless you stole your neighbor’s box off their front step 🙂

Want to try meal prep and meal planning instead?

If you want help with meal planning or figuring out how to nourish yourself to feel energized and have a good relationship with food, our team can help!