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All The Details To Know About Meat The Mushroom From Shark Tank

All The Details To Know About Meat The Mushroom From Shark Tank

In the short amount of time that Meat the Mushroom has been open, it has not only earned stellar reviews and a strong following, but it has also spread far and wide. In Marvin and Aleah Rae Montague’s mission to provide customers with a healthier take on bacon, Shroomacon is becoming an increasingly common sight for vegan shoppers. 

Currently, along with being sold on Meat the Mushroom’s official website, Shroomacon is also available in over 75 store locations. Various health food chains such as MOM’s Organic Market, Woodman’s, and Jungle Jim’s International carry the brand, alongside other retailers in Texas, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, and more. As of this writing, however, the company is sold out of its inventory and recommends calling nearby stores to ensure they have them in stock. 

It will be interesting to see how this affects Meat the Mushroom in the aftermath of its “Shark Tank” appearance. The company will likely experience an influx of sales and website visits following the segment’s airing — a phenomenon known as the “Shark Tank” effect. Not having enough in stock could mean hundreds of thousands in potential lost revenue, as well as building a poor reputation with new customers. But the duo seems confident in what the show will allow for them, with Aleah Rae sharing in a press statement, I have to be honest, I still can’t believe it’s happening! … Aside from the opportunity to gain a partner with so much business experience as well as funding to help companies grow faster, being on a national stage like Shark Tank means a lot to small businesses … So grateful to Shark Tank for the opportunity to spread this information to a wider audience!”