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A Very Cousin Weekend • Kath Eats

A Very Cousin Weekend • Kath Eats

My sister and her family came to visit for the weekend. Here’s a recap of our very cousin weekend!

A Very Cousin Weekend Started on Friday!

We try to visit each other’s houses at least once a year, hopefully more. I wish we were closer than 4.5 hours apart. 

My sister and her fam drove up after school on Friday and arrived just in time for bedtime on Friday night. After the kids ran way more than a few laps around the living room, they settled into some books. When the little ones were asleep, the grown ups had Old Fashioneds using the following! 

Bittermilk makes so many awesome cocktail mixes, and I found this one at Bottle House in town.

Saturday is for Sisters

The men made golf plans for Sunday, so Saturday was for sisters! Laura and I walked to ACAC to hit up the heated vinyasa class together, and then took our time coming back home.

First stop was the farmer’s market where she bought some Great Harvest gluten-exclusion bread, and then we went to Corner Juice for the most amazing overnight oats / chia pudding combo and avocado toast! Corner Juice is one of the best healthy lunch spots on the downtown mall. 

Lunch Salads

Meanwhile, the kids had a blast playing with every stuffed animal in the house!

We made Rotisserie chicken salads with my favorite blue cheese – spiced pecan – orange marmalade dressing for lunch. 

Blue Ridge Mountain Maze

Our afternoon was spent at the Blue Ridge Mountain Maze!

We had absolutely PERFECT weather all weekend – warm and mild! 

The kids had so much fun darting between the children’s activities. The slide was a huge hit!

Thomas even went for the challenge!

The Corn Maze

And then it was time to tackle the maze. I made lots of maze + Mazen jokes!

The sign said it might take us about 45 minutes, but thankfully (because it was pretty hot out) we finished in about 20. The maze was bigger than we expected and super fun!! Mazen had done it once before and he guided us a little. This was good because Avery and Birch wouldn’t have lasted 45 minutes!


We had refreshments and listened to a princess sing-along before heading to dinner.

Pro Re Nata

We had dinner halfway home at Pre Re Nata Brewery. It was crowded, but PRN is so big that we didn’t have trouble finding a table. 

The playground – small as it is – was a huge hit. 

So was our pizza and wing dinner!

The kids had baths and we called it a night on the couch. 

Sunday Breakfast

Toast and smoothies for all!

As it was golf day, the guys got ready for their tee time and we took the kids to Greer Elementary’s playground for a bit. 

The “elevator” was a big hit, especially for Birch who got brave enough to try it. 

Lunch at Brazos

After the playground, we hit up Brazos for lunch! 

Followed by lots of IX park playing…. (I do not know what we would have done if it rained all weekend!) 

Back at home, we waited for the dads. 

Golf was the highlight of their weekend!

Untimely soccer playoffs

Unfortunately our soccer team had our playoffs game right in the middle of L+M visit. Since Matt played soccer at Davidson, we almost registered him for the team to join us, but due to the fact that the game was scheduled for 5pm and we had 4 kids, we decided that wouldn’t be the smartest decision. Thomas stayed home and grilled out for the group while I went to the game due to the fact that if I missed as one of our only three women I would have deserted our team to play woman down on the field with 10 players. 

I had a great time, although we lost in the end. 

After the game I joined the group for burgers, salad, and vino. 

Monday Goodbyes

Larbs and I loved the chia pudding at Corner Juice so much we made our own! This mix was one can of full-fat coconut milk, 1/4 cup plus 3 tbsp chia seeds, a sprinkle of cinnamon, a tsp of vanilla, and 3 tbsp maple syrup. It was so good!

Served in glasses with fruit, lavender jam, and almond butter. 

Goodbye cousins, please come back soon!

Birch cried when they left. They played so hard together!