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A Review of Superior Source Vitamins

A Review of Superior Source Vitamins

August is heating up with Summer Sizzle and scorching deals! It’s the perfect time to prioritize your well-being, focusing on nourishing your body, staying active, and safeguarding yourself against diseases. And when it comes to achieving optimal health, vitamin supplements can be a game-changer.

That’s where Superior Source Vitamins comes in! With a remarkable range of over 70 vitamins and supplements, we are here to support your journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Our secret weapon? Micro-tablets that dissolve in a flash, saving you from any cumbersome pills to swallow or the need for water. It’s a clean, pure, and simple solution – just the way nature intended.

Whether you’re in need of an immunity boost, craving a surge of energy, or looking to enhance your overall wellness, our high-quality supplements have got you covered. We prioritize ingredients that are easy to understand and pronounce because we believe that natural goodness should be as transparent as possible.

So why wait? Grab these HOT deals while they last and take the first step towards an invigorated, vibrant life. Visit our website today to explore the full range of Superior Source Vitamins and start your journey towards optimum health.

Stay sizzling and seize the season!

Let me introduce you to what separates Superior Source Vitamins from the rest – they’re Clean…Pure & Simple!

If you’re looking for a vitamin brand that truly prioritizes simplicity and effectiveness, look no further than Superior Source. Their unique MicroLingual® technology sets them apart by allowing their vitamins to dissolve effortlessly on or under your tongue in seconds, ensuring rapid absorption into your body.

No more struggling with swallowing large pills or needing water! What truly makes Superior Source stand out is its commitment to using only clean ingredients, in line with nature’s intentions. Their products are free from…

  • Harmful chemicals
  • GMOs
  • Preservatives
  • Binders
  • Dyes
  • Fillers
  • Artificial colors

With fast-dissolving MicroLingual® tablets, you can experience quick absorption without the hassle of swallowing pills or water. Say goodbye to potential difficulties and embrace the simplicity of Superior Source’s tiny and easy-to-take Microlingual® tablets. Give them a try and witness the difference for yourself!

What I Thought of Superior Source Vitamins

I had the pleasure of trying Superior Source Vitamins recently, including the Zinc LozenJets, D3, B12, and Kids D3+K2, which I gave to my little cousin. And let me tell you, we were blown away! The best part is that there are no pills to swallow, which makes it a breeze to incorporate into your daily routine.

The vitamins worked incredibly well for both of us. I’ve been using Superior Source Vitamins for years, and they make me feel energetic and great. The D3 boosts our immune system and is essential for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. The B12 helps with energy production, and the Kids D3+K2 helps with bone and teeth development. As for the Zinc LozenJets, they assist in supporting our immune health and overall wellness.

I appreciate that Superior Source emphasizes clean ingredients, with no harmful chemicals, GMOs, preservatives, binders, dyes, fillers, or artificial colors. Knowing that I’m putting only the best into my body is great peace of mind.

Overall, I highly recommend Superior Source Vitamins to anyone looking for an effective, no-fuss, and clean way to improve their overall well-being.

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ALL Superior Source Vitamins are Clean, Pure, and Simple — the way nature intended:

  • NO chemicals, preservatives, binders, excessive fillers, or artificial colors.
  • Our tiny MicroLingual®Tablets are fast dissolving for quick absorption!
  • NO pills to swallow – NO water needed.
  • Trusted Brand – Made in the USA.
  • Making quality vitamins and supplements for over 50 years!

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Superior Source Vitamins are all about clean, pure, and simple ingredients – just the way nature intended. They are free from chemicals, preservatives, binders, excessive fillers, and artificial colors. When it comes to quality, Superior Source sets the bar high.

One of the key features that sets Superior Source Vitamins apart is their innovative technology. Their tiny MicroLingual® tablets are designed for fast dissolution, ensuring quick absorption by your body. No more struggling to swallow large pills! Plus, with Superior Source, you don’t even need water. It’s convenient, hassle-free, and perfect for those on the go.

As a trusted brand, Superior Source has been making quality vitamins and supplements for over 50 years. Their commitment to excellence shines through in every product they offer. You can trust that their vitamins are made in the USA with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Why settle for anything less when it comes to your health? Experience the Superior Source difference and give your body the natural support it deserves. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to stock up on the best vitamins available. Visit the SSV Walmart.com Vitamin Sale now and start your journey towards a healthier, happier you!


How It All Began –

For the Love of Family, a “Superior” Vitamin Was Created

Let me introduce you to the inspiring story of Ron Beckenfeld, the owner of Superior Source Vitamins. As a young man, Ron was a fitness enthusiast who wanted to maintain his health and well-being. He started selling vitamins out of the trunk of his car in 1964 and started Continental Vitamin Company in 1969, as he was determined to create a supplement company that cares about health.

In 1998, Ron founded Superior Source MicroLingual® as he was concerned about his father’s Parkinson’s condition. He realized that his father had problems swallowing traditional large tablets, which inspired him to create an alternative that would make it easier for people to take the vitamins they need. Ron’s “ah-ha!” moment led to the evolution of instant dissolving tablets, and Superior Source was born.

Ron was also troubled by the additives and excessive amounts of other ingredients found in conventional vitamin tablets. As a result, he created a line of clean and pure MicroLingual® instant dissolve tablets where users don’t have to worry about swallowing. He started with a B-12 quick-dissolving soft-molded tablet and continued to develop an entire line of vitamins that are easy to take anywhere and absorbed quickly into the system.

As Ron puts it, “Here I am 50+ years later, still passionate and profoundly providing people with vitamin tablets that are easy to take anywhere with no water necessary and absorbed quickly into their systems.” Ron’s commitment to creating clean, pure, and simple vitamins has helped countless individuals improve their overall health and well-being.

Join Ron on his journey towards better health and experience the power of Superior Source Vitamins. Try their MicroLingual® instant dissolve tablets and feel the difference for yourself. Your body will thank you for it!

78-year-old Ron at his home gym

“Manufacturing Superior Source Vitamins in our family-owned facility, I felt extremely fortunate to have many associates who have been here since the beginning.”

“We are a company built from a love for health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and the need for a healthy and better life and continue to create new products to help all reach those goals.”

“When you want the best for you and your family, you can always trust Superior Source.”