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8 Life Mottos I Live By

8 Life Mottos I Live By

As we move through the unpredictable twists and turns of life, some things will always remain constant – our core values, beliefs and life mottos. When I reflect on mine, it’s a reminder that no matter what happens, I can make the conscious decision to stay positive and live each day with intention. 

I believe we are all on a unique journey, full of experiences that shape us and define who we are. Every step is an opportunity to grow, learn and develop into the best version of ourselves.

Together these values create a meaningful roadmap through life and remind me of what really matters most. I hope they can be an inspiration to you too!

With care, 

J x

Life isn’t perfect – Some aspects of life will flow and thrive, while others will test you. We must enjoy the dance of life. 

Hold onto your passion and purpose – Hang on tightly to your mission and motivation, then you will always succeed.

Hard times strengthen us – every single time – Do not fear them. They bring the lessons we need for the next steps on the journey.

Boundaries are the best way to protect your energy and take care of yourself. Saying NO is a sign of strength, not weakness. Put yourself first.

The present moment is what matters – We can’t actually experience the past or future. Enjoying the moment is all we have and it really is all we can control. Suddenly, life then feels blissful. 

Always be kind to yourself and others – This is probably the most transformative emotion in the world right now and spreads like wildfire. You have no idea how kindness can impact another human life. We need this more than ever.

Your peace is MORE important – There is no better feeling than health and peace. Put everything into that. This will also allow you to then show up as the best version of yourself for those you love.

You’ve got to do the SELF work – Otherwise it leaks into places it shouldn’t. YOU are the best investment you can make for your life to thrive.