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5 Screen-Free Activities WE LOVE!

5 Screen-Free Activities WE LOVE!

This past week we spent some time at Nana and Goomba’s cottage- the crew was off for winter break! While there was plenty of time on the screen and in the snow, we also did a few things inside that I think you family would enjoy too. Especially during the winter months when we all can use some simple reminders of family fun.

Like sledding! Which I’m happy to report we spent MORE time on the hill than we did getting the kids out the door. That’s a first!

I cringed as I typed the title of this blog post because this house is far from “screen-free.” In fact, we are probably a very pro-screen household. Sometimes the screen truly steps in as my partner when it’s bath, homework, reading, special time for all 4 kids between the hours after dinner and before bed. But here’s the thing about screen-time and my children: they get really bored with it if it’s offered or available for too long. 

Our pattern tends to be this: screen, eat, play, repeat. I.e. wakeup, screen time, breakfast, then outside or inside activity. REPEAT but with lunch thrown in. Then repeat for dinner. Obviously this schedule changes depending on school or a team activity or sport, but for the most part the kids are pretty good about a little tv or iPad time, then let’s move on to something else. 

Like walking the beaches of Lake Michigan in below freezing weather. I tell ya, I’d prefer the screen time vs. a walk in this temp!

 So here you have it, 5 screen-free activities my kids are loving right now [and I’m loving Nana even more for suggesting these!]:

1. Thumbprint Drawing/Art

2. Painting Rocks with Paint Pens

3. Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

4. Guess WHO! And Michael was the big winner! 

5. Using Google to search “Cute Coloring Pages” and VOILA! You have yourself a wall designed and colored by your child! 

Ok so screen-free activities 4 and 5 are really no brainers… but we all know I need those kind of reminders. Also, I find it ironic that my children are on screens while I type this blog post… just keeping it real. Because in 10 minutes we’ll be out the door ready for our next snow ball fight! Michael doesn’t stand a chance at winning that battle… 😉