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5 on a Friday: The Last Week of July

5 on a Friday: The Last Week of July

I *think* “5 on Friday” or “5 on a Friday” was something bloggers used to share on Friday’s when blogging first became a thing. Some 200 years ago or something like that. Actually, more like 10 years ago. Considering Michael thinks I’m 16-years-old I think it’s safe to say no one has a concept about date and time around here. Anyhow, I’ve been thinking about what to write this summer, in particular how to keep things light, fun, and somewhat PG. 

In an effort to round out another one of our summer hodgepodge week’s [plus it’s fun to look back and read these posts from time to time], here’s a look at 5 things that made Mom LOL, wipe a few tears back, and enjoy life just a little more this past week: 

1: Tony’s hair. Rico suave alert people!!!!! Holy cow. This guy is getting compliments from neighbors, grocery store managers, police officers, you name it. Where Tony goes, a compliment regarding his hair is sure to follow. And I’m here for it! I might be having some crazy hormonal hair issues, but my guy has Mom’s hair… lucky duck!

2: Nachos. “Does it bother you when other people are drinking around you? Do you mind eating at bars? Does the alcohol bother you?” NOPE. And for good reason. I always look for the nachos [Ground Beef FOR SURE!] or fried pickles, order when peeps order their drinks, and BAM. Eating while others drink. It’s as simple and delicious as that! Besides, I’d much rather have nutritious calories from a plate of goodness like this than a hangover from a fruity drink ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

3: Alabama. I spent just over 48 hours in Alabama last weekend for a baseball tournament. I dislike flying, I dislike airports, I dislike Uber rides, I dislike traveling solo. WAH WAH WAH lol. BUT, I Facetimed the kids from the airport and laughed and showed them planes while Michael screamed in the background, “I DON’T SEE ALABAMA YET!!!!” I spent time with a friend and his family and could just BE. Myself. That included some intense cheering, some pool swimming, some Walmart & Chick-fil-a galivanting, and some space from my intense home life. It’s not that flying to Alabama was any less intense, but it boosted my confidence just a bit. I needed that!

4: Shit my son does. Seriously though. This should be a new series on the blog. Because as much as I love Joey and think he’s the go-to guy in the house, sometimes he does shit that I’m just like, “really dude, really???” Like this week he took shaving cream [from his sister’s slime kit box?!] and wrote words [“like my name, Mom!!!”] all over my house. Why? Because that’s the shit he does. LOL. Sorry, I apologize for the language. But let’s be real. “Shit my son does,” would be kind of a fun series!

5: Full day school for Michael. Why in the world is my baby going to be in full day school this year?! I mean, not complaining here, but sort of complaining. I’m not happy, but happy. SOMEONE STOP THE MADNESS OF MOTHERHOOD!!

How did you like this post? Any “shits” going on in your house this week? Reply to this post or drop a note in the comments! Hearing from you makes my day too!