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4 Easy Appetizers From My Mom’s Recipe Box

4 Easy Appetizers From My Mom’s Recipe Box

These easy appetizers are not only delicious for any party or occasion, but they are also full proof! The other Mom behind Mom to Mom Nutrition [our Nana] has been making these for years. You’ve got to try them! 

Nana and the Big 3 when it was just the 3 of them. Clearly, she wasn’t making appetizers at this moment. She might be known for being the best Nana around, but she’s also really good in the kitchen too!

It might come as no surprise to you that I’m just not in the mood to cook. Ok, I like to cook. So, it’s not that. I’m just not feeling like I have anything new and exciting to make and share. But as I was thinking about the upcoming weekend and weekends to follow, I can imagine many of you are going to or hosting holiday parties. And guess what? YOU might need an appetizer to pass and share. Nana’s got ya covered… 

4 Easy Appetizers from My Mom’s Recipe Box

Meatballs with Sauce: OMG you guys. I remember devouring these meatballs as a 7-year-old, tailgating with my parents and their friends at the MSU vs. U of M football games- year after year. I also remember taking these to my Aunt Nina and Uncle Ray’s house when they hosted Christmas Day. A Caputo family fav! PS. The meatballs keep in the fridge with the sauce- and I’ve reheated in a crock pot without a problem. 

Baked Gouda Cheese: We’ve all heard of baked brie cheese, but have you ever tried baked gouda? If not, give this one a whirl! 

Beef Taco Dip: Hope you can read and understand the directions on this one… SO. GOOD. And even better served with tortilla “scoop” chips. The Hormel chili with beans [can] + taco seasoning + onion is added to the top of the cream cheese layer. Then topped with the cheddar cheese and black olives. THEN you bake it. 

Mayo Puffs: Yep, as easy as it reads. Just be sure to keep an eye on the toasts so they don’t burn! 

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