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🧘🏼‍♀️ our new meditation platform is hereeee, YAY! 🧘🏼‍♀️

🧘🏼‍♀️ our new meditation platform is hereeee, YAY! 🧘🏼‍♀️

Guys OMG,

We’re live. I had to make it blog post official. If you’re also on the emails and have already received the announcement magic, then I promise to make this one different and special for you. OG blog post style. I miss those days, truly.

Now let’s get into it… the membership platform I have been working on for a whole entire year & that I have been in the process of dreaming up for four full years at least is officially HERE, it’s live, and it’s ready for you to join!

Ahhh! First thing’s first, if you’re ready to sign up, you can do so here (monthly), or here (yearly — better deal)!

Since we are making this blog post official, let me tell you the original origin inspiration story behind the platform. I believe when you hear and feel the full passion behind it, you will feel even more invested and invigorated to join us. If you’re here reading the blog, then you’re a real one. Or maybe you just stumbled upon the site for the first time ever today, in which case… hi!! Also so unbelievably happy that you’re here!

🧘🏼‍♀️ our new meditation platform is hereeee, YAY! 🧘🏼‍♀️

The OG origin story…

Ok so let’s back up to about seven years ago. I was a bit lost at this point in my life but I didn’t even know it. I was a diehard entrepreneur, blogging my heart out every day and working with lots of fun brands at the very forefront of brand/influencer work, and I didn’t even have my podcast yet! Woah. I was also single… very single. But I did have my cat, Huddy, who was and still is my whole world. 🙂

My photographer at the time Ashley had asked me to speak at a retreat in Santa Barbara about my health and entrepreneurial journey, so without knowing many details I hopped in the car and drove to the hotel where the event was being held.

I spoke that day (can barely remember what I even spoke about lol), but more importantly my eyes kept getting locked in with a girl in the audience who’s eyes were shining SO bright they were basically leaping out of her head. She was smiling so genuinely the whole time I was speaking, and I remember just thinking, “Wow, I need to meet this girl, she seems so kind and I need to know what she’s all about and become friends with her.”

After the talk she introduced herself to me as Britt Deanda, and told me that she was a kundalini teacher. She introduced me to her business partner Tara as well and  I started taking classes with them immediately. It was wild, because I had been SO intrigued by kundalini during that time — and after I met them, the kundalini synchronicities only escalated. Books started falling off shelves (literally… not exaggerating lol) that were about kundalini, and landing straight at my feet. It was an undeniable pull.

Kundalini opened me up in many ways. I believe that for the first time since childhood, I started to have experiences of drastic spiritual awakening. My psychic and intuitive abilities started coming back online, and I started to predict and feel things before they would happen. I got more sensitive absolutely and had to really work on revving up my boundaries, but this was an incredible time of spiritual awakening for me.

Then I discovered the Pleiadian starseeds the following summer, and the rest was freaking history. I dove into the starseed life absolutely in full and started channeling all. the. time. I had blue beings visit me in my room in the middle of the night and “stitch up my brain,” giving me upgrades and igniting me with awakening uplevels galore.

I did my reiki I training, taught yoga basically full-time, and LIVED and BREATHED this way of life. I was so, so, so excited to tap into my gifts and bring them to the world. I also started dating my now-husband Jonathan, and in many ways everything started to align for me in a real big way.

Then I fell into chronic illness for many years, and that’s a whole other story — but the long story short is that even though my gifts had been “turned on” by then, I really didn’t spend a whole lot of time actively tapping into them or using them. Every medium, every psychic, every healer, every intuitive would tell me, “You NEED to use your gifts or your gifts will use you.” And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, that has been true.

I could tell you a bajillion more things in this story, but now you understand that when I say I am *finally* using my gifts in a big way and a real way in this new platform, you know what a big deal that is to me. How this is not only my calling but something that I feel will both heal me and in turn heal others. 

I started creating this platform about a year ago, and when I started recording the meditations (many of which I scrapped btw because they got way better as I went along, and now I can say they’re truly epic), I was thrilled to see that they were basically being channeled directly from the Pleiades. The starseeds had a LOT to say, and they were elated that I was finally, finally, finally listening.

So when you join, I definitely encourage you to go straight to the “otherworldly deep dive” section if you feel called. There, you will find:

  • Pleiadian Wisdom Transmissions (LIFE CHANGING… plzzzz listen)
  • Advanced Pleiadian channeling meditaiton
  • Freeflow channeling meditation
  • OG Pleiadian channeling meditation
  • Quantum leaping & timeline hopping medi 
  • Pep talk on quantum leaping & navigating parallel realities
  • Meditation to tune into your angelic frequency 
  • Akashic Records meditation

If you feel called, you can sign up HERE!

…& SO MUCH MORE! I am also so excited because we have a very cool interactive community on there where you can connect and make friends from all over the world, and the comments section has been popping off since our hard launch yesterday, which was of course on 2:01!! And I have to say, RIGHT NOW is 2:01pm and this post is currently at 1002 words…. you CANNOTTT make it up!!

Also, we have lots of virtual live events coming up. On 11/12, we have one with my mentor and alignment coach Eric Roberts, which will be an astrology forecast deep dive, and I am so excited to invite you to it!! It’s going to be magical, and only for members of the platform!!

Other live events we can look forward to are: Akashic Records deep dives, mediumship deep dive with my medium/mentor Nikki Novo, kundalini with Britt & Tara (mentioned in the story above!!), movement classes with my fave spiritual fitness instructors, and I have a huuuuuge lineup of guests and ideas — including lots of solos with me, and one with me and Jonathan on meditation + calling in your soulmate partner.

If you don’t feel ready for all of the otherworldly stuff, we also have more beginner-friendly and super accessible places to start, like 2 minute affirmations to shift your day, 3 minute meditation for confidence, affirmations for health & healing, affirmations for getting into alignment, and SO MUCH MOREEEE.

There’s nothing more I would love than to have you join us. Truly, truly. This is the future of TBB, so it’s not going anywhere. But the founding members pricing is as low as it will ever be, and after next week it will be going up. I plan to have over 100 meditations/affirmations/recordings in there over the next few months.

& did I mention… PEP TALKS, that are like bonus podcasts with me!?!?!? Those are actually one of my very favorite parts. I listened to the Soul of Money Pep Talk last night and it shifted my entire being. <3

If you want to learn more before committing, head HERE!

And if you’re ready to sign up, you can do so here (monthly), or here (yearly — better deal)!

Tell me belowwww any/all thoughts you have, send in meditation/affirmation requests, and ask me any questions! I am here for you beyond! Let’s hear it!! XOXO